1968 Z06 Camaro – Deconstruction

After 5 years it’s time for a change, so this winter’s project is the new Z06 LT4 crate engine and Morrison front clip. Off came the hood, fenders and the front end so I could begin to remove the front clip.


Speedtech A-Arms, QA1 coil-overs and a Hotchkiss 1 3/8″ inch hollow swap bar.  350hp modified 327 with a Tremec 5-speed was removed and sold off, as was the entire front clip.


Atomic EFI, which I also sold off was kinda O.K, I wouldn’t spend 3K again and do it because of how good the LS and LT engine run, there’s just no comparison.


Unisteer rack and pinion with Wilwood 6 piston – 12″ rotors, they were a bargain.  This picture really shows you have much caster (4 1/5 deg) that Speedtech build into their arms and it makes a big difference on these older cars, you just can’t dial in modern steering geometry with anything close to stock a-arms.


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960 Bugeye Sprite with wheels and disc brakes from a MG Midget.

Up in Port Townsend

Up in Port Townsend

1968 Camaro SS with 327 (SS’s never had a 327, only the RS).  There is so little difference between models, in some cases it’s just trim or minor options.  This car was just a simple V8 model, that was neither SS or RS when it started it’s life in Van Nuys, California.
Stunning beautiful 1956 Chevrolet 4 door Hardtop Sport Sedan