1967 Corvette

All original 1967 Coupe sold new at Alan Green Chevrolet in Seattle (now Burien, Wa.)  Alan Green Chevrolet was the place to get your muscle car in the 60’s before they changed hands.  Back then Alan campaigned a number of altered wheelbase drag cars along with a road racing effort that included the Cheetah.  NCRS has a dealer delivery service and will provide you the original dealer off the VIN that sold your Corvette if you don’t know where it came from.

Small block L79 (350 hp) with the big block hood.  I’ve read about this anomaly in a number of books but they all say different reasons and differing amounts of time they were installed.  They were not painted with the regular “stinger” strip that all the big block cars have.

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Unique for 1967 was the lack of spinners for all cars, not just the Corvette.  The NHTSA deemed wheel spinners too dangerous for the general public, so they eliminated spinners on all automobile wheels from that point forward.  No more knock-offs except for race cars.

Wonderfully correct and original restored local 1967 Corvette Coupe sold by Alan Green Chevrolet in Burien, Wa.  350 hp hydraulic lifter cam L-79 engine, runs very strong, but still gets 18 mpg.  4 speed with freeway friendly 3.08 gears (2,400 rpm at 70 mph).  Spectacular 4 wheel, 4 piston disc brakes, as good as anything on the market today.  Correct big block hood based upon NCRS manufacturing date (Feb. 1967), the big block hoods that were substituted during this time were not painted with stinger strips.  Black leather interior and one year only turbo wheels (repro) with no knock-off spinner, power windows, power brakes and power steering.  Clean, rust free- frame and running gear with recently upgraded stainless steel brake lines (up front) and stainless steel brake flex lines on all four corners. 

Recently re-chromed front bumpers and new turn signal and rear taillights, also recently replaced steering box. 3 point seat belts utilizing the original anchor points in the rear, also includes an all weather car cover. New CV joints on both ends of driveline. No tank sticker, protect-o-plate or other documentation other than the NCRS shipping data (window sticker is repro). Great driving car that won’t disappoint.
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Differential – date stamped 1/27/67
Engine – V0103HT -1967 Corvette 327, 350 hp 4 barrel built on January 3rd at the Flint, MI. plant
Transmission – 388510 – 3088336
Alternator – 1100693-37 6M29 – 12v Neg.
Intake Manifold (Winters snowflake casting mark) – 3890490
Intake Manifold radiator connection – 3827369-B3
Holley carb – 390663-DA LIST 3810-713
LH exhaust manifold – 3346559A
RH exhaust manifold – 3747042
Fuel Pump – M4513
Valve covers (with correct casting flaw) polished – 3767493 Lester
Cylinder Heads – J15-6 3890462
Master Cylinder – 29969

Tires (+1) 215/70/15

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Upgraded Pertronics electronic ignition replaces the original points, but retains the correct ballast resistor, but the resistance wire has been removed and it’s wired straight through. New driveshaft CV joints installed. Flowmaster mufflers, the original mufflers are so restrictive that you can barely hear the engine, so that’s why I changed them out.  Just because it doesn’t have the provenance of documentation, that doesn’t detract from the historical significance of this car.  

For more photos and higher resolution images (over 100+) go to: s161.photobucket.com/user/davidcwhite/library/1967%20Corvette