Replica SuperCar Lite

Since late 2015 I have been working on using the Gen V drivetrain to power a number of vehicles. I started with a 1968 Camaro and now I’m building two 1967 Camaros for sale using the Roadster Shop Spec Chassis, I refer to these as “Replica SuperCar Lite.” Prices start at 125K.

’68 SS built in 2016 using the Supercharged LT4 and Tremec T56 6 speed manual
LT4 Supercharged Z06 engine
The first one will be a complete new body from an original car, it carries a true ’67 VIN and has a clean title. Every piece of sheet metal has been replaced including the floor, roof and firewall.
This will utilize a Gen V 2018 L83 with the 8L90e automatic transmission.

I’ve used various clips and four bar rear setups including Morrison, Ridetech, Speedtech and TCI. They improve the original suspension dramatically from a harsh 60’s ride, but they still have considerable flex in the frame even with welded frame connectors. Once I saw the Roadster Shop chassis my mind was made up. For more on the frame watch here:

First one is going to be blue, not sure if were’ going with Z/28 strips or standard front nose strip, but it will be white.
Second one will be a Real Deal Steel Body with a 6.2 LT or L86 engine
Color will be Porsche Silver 956 with black Z/28 stripes, cowl induction hood and color matched wheels.

For more information, details and pricing contact me at (206) nine nine nine 8138