Gen V LT4 Power Steering Pump

The new generation of LT engines use electric power steering and there is no provision for hydraulic power steering.  The GM factory built a prototype 1970 Camaro for SEMA that uses a special one-off 3D printed part that accommodates a conventional pump, but that part is not available.
20160131_154719_Richtone(HDR)They used a conventional Type II pump as shown above.  Unfortunately, they run it off the supercharger drive which uses an 8 rib belt instead of a 6 rib belt.  Whatever the factory used I can’t find it because it simply doesn’t exist at this point within the GM family of off-the-shelf parts.  There are a number of websites that list 8 rib pulleys, but they come at a steep price – Innovators West is one such place.  I managed to find an 8 rib power steering pulley with a bore of .663 from a 2007 Dodge RAM Truck.  The part number is Dorman 300-149 and they run around $50.00.

Fortunately I’ve been through this drill before with these pumps and I just happened to have a 2009-2012 Corvette Power steering line ready to go.  You can see from the picture above that they have to an extremely thin threaded collar to get enough clearance to miss the pulley.  On previous LS installs I’ve done it’s much closer to the pulley.  I can still move it in a little closer, but I’ll wait until we build the mounting bracket which we’ll add to the serpentine belt system before the final adjustment.