1968 Camaro Z06 – LT4 supercharged Gen V – 650 hp – 650 ftlbs. torque

Just showed up today (3/22/16) from Fedex ground.

Finally decided to bite the bullet and go with the LT4 instead of the LT1 (at the GM showcase at Barrett-Jackson). The most powerful stock engine that GM has ever built.



What I lovingly call the “Flat Plane Plenum”, if you look closely you can where the fuel injectors are located, halfway down the cylinder wall.  This photo shows the high-pressure fuel system.  72 psi from the tank into a mechanical fuel pump that runs off the cam, 2900+psi into the engine.

20160131_154719_Richtone(HDR) 20160131_154641_Richtone(HDR)

These are shots from the Factory’s 1970 Camaro build that I saw at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, showing all the tricks they used to get things to work.

First off there is no provision for hydraulic power steering because all of the LT motors use electric power steering and there is virtually nothing on the market right now (03/19/2016) that fills this gap other than Dirty Dingo.  After spending several hours on the phone with the factory reps, they told me the prototype engineers built a 3D printed part and that’s what you see.  They used a conventional GM type 2 power steering pump and added it to the serpentine belt system using a longer micro-V belt # K080893.  If you look closely at the picture (click on it to view full size) you can just barely ready the part number.

They also seemed to have hacked up the original heater core sheet metal and replaced the front panel to get the new E92 ECU in because it appears to be much larger than the ECU for the previous LS based engines, we shall see.