Month: April 2020

Serafin’s ’55 Chevy truck LS swap

Part 1
An ongoing series showing the steps necessary to swap an LS drivetrain into a 1955-1957 Chevy truck. 40 year old build that features a 1978 Camaro Z/28 clip welded onto the factory truck chassis.

Part 2
Prepping the drivetrain and adding the motor mounts

Part 3
Final welding of the Speedway motor mounts, plus Serafin comes by and gives us some history on the truck.

Part 4
With the help of CPP (Classic Performance Products) the 6L80e transmission finds a new home.

Part 5
Weekend update bringing viewers up to speed on everything that’s been done since part 4. We delve into the beginnings of the electrical conversion to GM’s CANBUS

Part 6a
LS2/6L80e swap harness rough-in. We lay out the swap harness from in Spokane. This L76 is an Australian built Holden that Pontiac used up until their demise in 2010.

Part 7
Driveshaft installation from Quality 4×4 parts in Port Angeles. 6L80 adapter mated to a Slip n stub.

Part 8
We retro-fit a Hyper-fuel intank pump

Part 9
Weekend update on Swap 2.0 L76

Part 10
Start of the 4 -bar triangulated rear suspension from Johnny Law Motors in Portland

Part 11
We complete the 4-bar triangulated rear suspension from

Part 12
Engine and drivetrain are in and running

Part 13
Short drive around Cape George to see how “El Poncho” rolls