Month: November 2018

Gen V LT5

Latest pictures from 2018 SEMA of the 1973 Laguna featuring the new 750hp LT5.  Even though this version looks to be a couple inches taller than the LT4, they still got it in.  With superchargers these are very tall engines and present a problem trying to retro-fit them into 60’s Muscle cars.  It appears that GM has learned from the overheating issues the very first LT4’s had and have incorporated substantially more cooling capability.  The internal supercharger intercoolers are at the very top of the engine on both sides right under the lettering that says “Corvette LT5.”  You can see two complete sets of intercooler lines coming in and out of the top of the engine, the LT4 only has one set. The ZR1 Corvette, which uses this engine has 13 total intercoolers. More on the car here:

The LT5 features a specific, larger-capacity Eaton R2650 supercharger than the LT4 and has unique rotor profiles and larger heat exchangers within the intercooling system for approximately double the cooling capacity. This larger-displacement supercharger also expands the engine’s power band, which in turn enhances low-rpm power response and sustains horsepower through the upper rpm range. The engine also utilizes a unique 95mm throttle body and electronic bypass control for greater boost pressure control and torque management among other engine upgrades.

A dual fuel system features a primary direct injection system and a supplemental port-injection system for higher engine loads. Dual engine controllers are also utilized, one for each injection system.