Month: April 2018

Harry turns 77 and shows us how it’s done – LT1/8 speed Connect n’ Cruise

Harry got a hold of me about 8 months ago because he found my installation guide on this website.

We’ve been conferring for awhile now hoping to get his build together and ready to show to his buddies and the Whidby Island Cruizers.  Harry invited Bud and I to take part in the festivities today, see his shop, meet his buddies (his neighbor brought over a 1918 Pierce Arrow) and check out the build.

We can’t confirm for sure but since it doesn’t have any window cranks in the rear, we think it might be a ’55 Utility Sedan rather than a 150.  It came with a Nomad interior, so Harry found a wagon bench seat and turned it into a fold down rear where he’s hidden all the audio gear.  I’ve never seen one before, but he tells me the vacuum brake system is run by a small electric system with a can hidden under the body down by the transmission.  On the right side of the fire wall you can see the TCU (Transmission controller) that hooks us with the E92 ECM on the left side (runs small countries when the cloud fails).  Harry opted for the Drive Junky serpentine system to add hydraulic power steering.  As you can see everything is neat and tidy, really a very professional installation.

Harry’s old school so he added a ’57 vette grill and replaced the water cooled oil radiator with an air cooled version along with a similar stacked plate cooler for the transmission.  He’s quite the character and has a reputation among his peers as the wizard that can make anything run.  I hope when I turn 77 I’m building state of the art cars with the latest stuff, way to go Harry.  Please direct you comments to him at:

Harry and Bud together celebrating his 77th birthday.

ZR1 Top Speed Run at Papenburg

Watch closely at the 0:40 second mark when the transmission shifts down 4 gears from 8th gear to 4th gear, the direct injected engine revs almost instantlySame bottom end as the LT4, just a bigger supercharger gets you another 100 hp.  Ligenfelter has pushed the LT4 engine up to 1,400hp with the stock bottom end.