Month: July 2016

Gen V LT 4 Engine wiring and Fuse Panel

The engine wiring fuse panel is the same item that’s used on the LS series of engines.  I’d hoped to install it on the firewall, but there just wasn’t enough space available, so it ended up on the passenger side inner fender well.
ne of the great features with both the LS and LT engine management systems is that they take control of all electrical requirements including both the fuel pump system and the fan(s).  On the LT engine there are two fan controllers whereas on the LS there is only one with the stock harness.  After the main battery/alternator/starter feed is connected any additional electrical demand is feed into the body wiring fuse panel.

Gen V LT 4 Dual Fan Radiator

For this build I knew I wanted a dual fan setup, so the search was on.  Most of my buddies spend big bucks and use Ron Davis products, but his build time was too long and the price was around $1,300.  I’d used offshore all aluminum radiators before and had good results, but for this build I wanted something made in the USA. I finally decided to go with Entrophy Radiator in Illinois.entrophyrad
It’s made beautifully and it’s a fair price for the quality.  Once installed I needed to re-manufacture the shroud because there wasn’t enough room for the intake.
I lowered the driver’s side fan mounting location 1 1/2″ which gave me just enough room for clearance for the Spectre 4″ 75 degree inlet.  If you look closely you can just see the stacked plate oil cooler that I’ve plumbed in to replace the factory cooler on the side of the pan.  I’ve also eliminated the water cooling feature and only using air to cool the oil.  I’ll also be adding the same type of cooler to use for the Intercooler.
Another advantage this radiator has is it’s already plumbed with both a steam port vent and a coolant temperature sensor.