Month: May 2016

Gen V Supercharged LT4 final hydraulic pump bracket design


Final design for bracket showing Detroit Speed banjo fitting on the pump.
Back side of the final design showing added ribbing and accessory bracket that mounts up against the block.
Update 06/07/16 – Just got word the the Factory SEMA 1970 Camaro on tour with the Hot Rod Power Tour will be carrying 5 extra pumps because the seals are failing under load.  They plan on changing out the pumps every night because they can’t get more than 500 miles on them before they fail.  Please note that the factory designed bracket does not provide support by tying into the block like ours does.  The factory built the 8 rib pulley by slicing two 6 spline pulleys apart, machining them down to the right size and them welding them back together to get the right width for the supercharger belt.  For a power steering pump bracket for the LT1 engine please click on this link

Gen V LT4 Camaro hydraulic power steering pump

Here’s the first design for the hydraulic power steering addition to the serpentine supercharger drive.  It’s mocked up with an aluminum plate, but we’ll need to add some support on the back side by triangulating a bracket on to the engine.  The reservoir sticks out a bit too much, so I’ll probably revise it with a remote unit.
Here’s the backside view showing the hydraulic connection which is a 2009-2011 Corvette power steering pump line available for less than $10.00 from