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1968 Camaro SS Restomod (Sold)

(Thanks for everyone’s kind comments, my ’68 is now in the new owner’s hands and continues on with a new caretaker).
Owned for the last 15 years and has been through four upgrades with the most recent featuring a $30,000 paint job.  Art Morrison front clip with C7 suspension arms with modern suspension geometry (6 degrees of caster) and increased travel adjustable coil-over shocks (all the way around).  Rear suspension is a Speedtech 4 bar triangulated rear with R-bars (adjustable angle rod-ends) and frame connectors. Wheels are forged Boze with 255/35/18 up front and 295/35/19 in the rear with Continental Extreme Contact. 14” 6 piston Wilwood brakes up front and 13” 4 piston rear with an CPP adjustable bias double 8” master cylinder. 
Engine is a Connect n Cruise package from GM Performance Supercharged Gen V LT4 engine that puts out over 700 hp and 625 hp to the rear wheels with a tune. Transmission is a Tremec T56 Magnum which is required for the 650+ ft/lbs of torque that the engine creates.  Features a Quick-time scatter-shield bellhousing and a Centerforce dual-disc clutch with hydraulic TO bearing.  Driveshaft is a 3” aluminum one that connects to a Currie crate 12 bolt rear running 3.73 gears with posi. 

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LT4 Supercharged Wrangler

The Jeep guys tell us how they like the Supercharged LT4. Different application, but you get the same results, massive instant horsepower with a docile idle. Gen V with VVT and direct injection make all the difference. Unless you get a ride in one of these conversions you don’t know what you’re missing.

Speartech ’69 C10 with LT5

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“Our Gen 5 harnesses and control systems are designed to be used with the factory Gen 6 Camaro ZL1 fuel pump and in-line fuel pressure sensor which is available from your local Chevy dealer or from Rick’s Tanks who makes fuel tanks ready to go with the pump for various popular swap vehicles. If you don’t want to use the factory fuel pump and in-line pressure sensor, we can set the harness up for use with a regular high-flow fuel pump to be used in conjunction with a vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator, just let us know.

The Gen 5 LT1 is GMs latest small block set to replace the LSX series of engines which have been around since 1997. With direct injection and VVT, it’s a whole new design and we have stayed ahead of the curve by developing a harness package for this new engine. You have all of the familiarity of our 24x and 58x hook-up design for the all new GM Gen 5 V8!”