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Gen V LT4 PCV solution

If you have a problem with the stock PCV sump and connections, Mighty Mouse have a number of solutions for both the LS and the LT1/LT4 series of crate engines. This kit replaces the factory PCV valve stopping airflow (and oil) into the floor of the supercharger on Gen V LT4 DI engines (2015+ Z06 and CTS-V) LT4 PCV ‘ported’ fitting re-routes the crankcase flow to the outside of the engine, so that it can be used for external ventilation.  The PCV can be set up with an -6AN inlet from valley cover using included adapter.

Classic Car info

This site provides an insight to the various cars and motorcycles that I have restored, upgraded and modified over the years.  Please post any questions you may have about what you see.
960 Bugeye Sprite with wheels and disc brakes from a MG Midget.

Up in Port Townsend

Up in Port Townsend

1968 Camaro SS with 327 (SS’s never had a 327, only the RS).  There is so little difference between models, in some cases it’s just trim or minor options.  This car was just a simple V8 model, that was neither SS or RS when it started it’s life in Van Nuys, California.
Stunning beautiful 1956 Chevrolet 4 door Hardtop Sport Sedan