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New Serpentine drive system for Gen V LT4 with power steering

Drivejunky has just come out with their new system that features the supercharger belt that only runs one thing, the supercharger. The belt length is short, and runs a gates heavy duty automatic tensioner, similar to their limited production Magnuson and Whipple blower builds. The tensioner can be seen under the custom machined cover on the front of the engine. This drive system simplifies and shortens the belt run that the factory engines run in Corvette and Cadillac CTSV configurations. The blower drive, and accessory drive belts feature Gates’ new RPM Racing belt made from a High-modulus, low-stretch polyester tensile cord with the strength to transmit load more accurately with less vibration. All accessories run on a separate belt behind the blower drive. This is the first system that solves the potential bearing failure problem by running the GM type II pump with a 6 rib belt (normal) rather than the 8 rib blower belt.


Gen V LT4 PCV solution

If you have a problem with the stock PCV sump and connections, Mighty Mouse have a number of solutions for both the LS and the LT1/LT4 series of crate engines. This kit replaces the factory PCV valve stopping airflow (and oil) into the floor of the supercharger on Gen V LT4 DI engines (2015+ Z06 and CTS-V) LT4 PCV ‘ported’ fitting re-routes the crankcase flow to the outside of the engine, so that it can be used for external ventilation.  The PCV can be set up with an -6AN inlet from valley cover using included adapter.

Classic Car info

This site provides an insight to the various cars and motorcycles that I have restored, upgraded and modified over the years.  Please post any questions you may have about what you see.
960 Bugeye Sprite with wheels and disc brakes from a MG Midget.

Up in Port Townsend

Up in Port Townsend

1968 Camaro SS with 327 (SS’s never had a 327, only the RS).  There is so little difference between models, in some cases it’s just trim or minor options.  This car was just a simple V8 model, that was neither SS or RS when it started it’s life in Van Nuys, California.
Stunning beautiful 1956 Chevrolet 4 door Hardtop Sport Sedan