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1968 Z06 Camaro – Morrison front clip


They come bare from the factory so you have to either powder coat or paint them yourself.  This 2016 version uses C7 Corvette cast aluminum upper and lower A-Arms, no other manufacturer uses these pieces other than GM.  The spindles are C6 because you have a much wider array of brake options.

Bare frame with suspension removed, ready to bolt back in.


Front cowl cleaned up and welded.  First rough bolt in.

I chose to use sold body mounts instead of the polyurethane that I had in their before.  We’ll see how rough the ride is once it gets out on the road.

20160228_133933  20160313_174226

Suspension back on and 14″ – 6 pistion Wilwood disc brakes. All the bolts are this new OEM style that or zinc plated overlaid with an aluminum coating.  They are also a crush nut which means that they take some serious wrenching to get them on and produce considerable heat when you’re tightening them.  Morrison specifically warns you about not by-passing this part of the build.


Final cross-check to line things up.  There are two large holes right next to the front bolts that allow you to stick in a long spike alignment tool and push or pull to get things lined up.  This is how they must have done it on the factory production line.  For more detailed information about gen 1 Camaros, spend some time on, it’s a fascinating insight into the early days of production.


1968 Z06 Camaro – Deconstruction

After 5 years it’s time for a change, so this winter’s project is the new Z06 LT4 crate engine and Morrison front clip. Off came the hood, fenders and the front end so I could begin to remove the front clip.


Speedtech A-Arms, QA1 coil-overs and a Hotchkiss 1 3/8″ inch hollow swap bar.  350hp modified 327 with a Tremec 5-speed was removed and sold off, as was the entire front clip.


Atomic EFI, which I also sold off was kinda O.K, I wouldn’t spend 3K again and do it because of how good the LS and LT engine run, there’s just no comparison.


Unisteer rack and pinion with Wilwood 6 piston – 12″ rotors, they were a bargain.  This picture really shows you have much caster (4 1/5 deg) that Speedtech build into their arms and it makes a big difference on these older cars, you just can’t dial in modern steering geometry with anything close to stock a-arms.


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