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1968 Camaro SS Restomod (Sold)

(Thanks for everyone’s kind comments, my ’68 is now in the new owner’s hands and continues on with a new caretaker).
Owned for the last 15 years and has been through four upgrades with the most recent featuring a $30,000 paint job.  Art Morrison front clip with C7 suspension arms with modern suspension geometry (6 degrees of caster) and increased travel adjustable coil-over shocks (all the way around).  Rear suspension is a Speedtech 4 bar triangulated rear with R-bars (adjustable angle rod-ends) and frame connectors. Wheels are forged Boze with 255/35/18 up front and 295/35/19 in the rear with Continental Extreme Contact. 14” 6 piston Wilwood brakes up front and 13” 4 piston rear with an CPP adjustable bias double 8” master cylinder. 
Engine is a Connect n Cruise package from GM Performance Supercharged Gen V LT4 engine that puts out over 700 hp and 625 hp to the rear wheels with a tune. Transmission is a Tremec T56 Magnum which is required for the 650+ ft/lbs of torque that the engine creates.  Features a Quick-time scatter-shield bellhousing and a Centerforce dual-disc clutch with hydraulic TO bearing.  Driveshaft is a 3” aluminum one that connects to a Currie crate 12 bolt rear running 3.73 gears with posi. 

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Installing the new Tremec TKX 5 speed

NEW Tremec TKX 5-speed with streamlined case and 8000 rpm shift capability. No Cutting your floor!

AP Revolution Shifter Mechanism – Original 4-speed shift position
Seamless DOM Driveshaft Assembly – Race Balanced, Solid U-Joints
Driveshaft Slip Yoke – Cryogenically hardened steel
X-Factor Cross Member 
Transmission Mount – Polyurethane
Pilot Bearing – Stainless rollers, grease pre-pak
Reverse Light Harness – Weatherseal
Speedometer Conversion – Mechanical or Electronic
Shifter Knob
Hardware, Instructions, Warranty

NOTE: Kit does NOT require modifications to tunnel, console or chassis. White Lightning shifter upgrade available.