Gen V LT5 – the newest member of the GM High Performance Engines

Article courtesy of David Kimble who is famous for his detailed sectional 3D views of cars and engines.  They’ve taken the LT4, beefed up all the internals and added a much larger supercharger with more boost.  You can also see from the top of the engine that they’ve increased the intercooler size substantially.  This engine is much taller than the LT4, which will present a challenge for engine swaps.

Gen V L83 Truck Engine Swap

More and more L83/L86 truck engines are available now from wrecking yards at reasonable prices, some including the 6 speed 6L80E transmission. These are great solutions for drive-train swaps because they are plentiful, powerful, priced far less than the LS3 and Gen V LT1 takeouts and come complete with everything you need.  ICT Billet has just released brackets that allow you to easily add hydraulic power steering to these engines.  Reference my installation guide for vendors who provide reflashed ECUs.

Mark Stielow’s ’69 Camaro LT4 install

“I’ve always liked the immediate power delivery that comes with supercharging, and the LT4 is a great engine in that regard, with a broad powerband and tremendous low-end punch,” says Stielow. “Considering the technology and performance wrapped up in the crate engine, it would be virtually impossible to build something comparable from the ground up, making it a cost-effective and time-saving choice.”

SEMA 2017

1965 GTO with Gen V LT4

Here’s the latest build from John Gamache’s GTO.

Gen V LT1 install from StreetRodder Magazine

“Let’s start by saying that swapping in a Gen V gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine won’t be quite as easy as its immediate predecessors, like the LS1 or LS3. While initial concerns were focused on the GDI-specific high-pressure fuel delivery system, that’s really just a small and relatively easy piece of the puzzle. What we’re going to cover with this story are all the other little details that nobody else talks about yet are essential to make this engine run. There are no shortcuts to doing this correctly”.

Gen V LT1/LT4 header collector gasket and flange

When I was making up my collector flange for the exhaust system, we designed a template that acted as both the design for the gasket and the flange itself.  I searched high and low, but was unable to find anything available off the shelf other than direct from GM, this is a unique flange/bolt arrangement that appears to be only used on the GEN V engine.  GM wants $57.00 for a gasket and almost $600 for each downpipe that connects to the header, so here’s a simple solution.

This is the header system that the template will fit, click on the image for a higher resolution view.

Collector template -download this PDF file for fabrication.

This template is scanned full size on a regular sheet of paper so when you print it out, please print actual size so the image doesn’t get distorted.  The actual diagonal distance between bolt holes is about 3 7/8″.  The pipe diameter is 2 1/2″, but we elected to design the flange so the exhaust tubing entered into the hole rather than be welded on the outside, for thickness we used 5/16″ thick steel.  It’s your choice, but adjust the diameter of the exhaust hole based upon the size of the exhaust tubing your’e using.

For the gasket we used aluminum and heat tempered it so it was pliable, worked great and saved a ton of money.